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B19: BriskerGolf: using Two Scorecards & a BG App

BriskerGolfers use two distinct scorecards to record the details of their round(s):

  1. An Omniscorecard, similar to a standard scorecard, but designed to accommodate the gross and net scores of up to five golfers and their individual matchplay result on each hole.
  2. A uniquely designed BriskerGolf scorecard, again to record the results of up to five golfers, but only wins, and with particular reference to multi-player/multi-round match play.

The two scorecards are printed back-to-back on one sheet of card.

In addition, a BriskerGolf App is being developed. Its purpose is to replace the above scorecards in formal BG games, which necessitate the efficient collection, timing and organizing of data on BriskerGolf competitions, either between one or more groups of friends, or broader competitions: locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

An Omniscorecard is used to record:

  • All gross winning or tying provisional  or conclusive leading scores, provided they equate to a net par, net birdie, net eagle or net albatross.
  • All gross winning or tying provisional scores, that soon become legitimately redundant by being bettered by lower scores. In such instances redundant gross & net scores are placed in parentheses, e.g. gross (5), net (4) ;// gross (4), net (4) ;// gross (3), net (3).
  • Inappropriately high gross scores, which equate to net Bogeys, net Double-Bogeys, or worse, and indicate needlessly Playing on when in receipt of a net bogey, by default, (a gimmie), in effect deliberately Practising on the course. In such instances the gross score, within square brackets, is to be recorded, e.g. [7] , as well as a net score of P, representing a Penalty of two-off-the-next-tee, (except on the 18th!!)*.
  • Every legitimately curtailed score is to be represented as a figure followed by a period (full stop) as the gross, e.g. 5. or 3. , and a BLANK  on the net score, indicating a default net Bogey score. e.g. the following Gross / Net scores: 5.   ;  3.   ;  4.

[*A score of P on the 18th hole disqualifies an errant golfer from potentially benefitting from a tie on the last hole].

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