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B17: BriskerGolf: Ultimate Net Birdie Rule!

Occasionally a BriskerGolfer will play a hole in an exemplary fashion, but despite this will unfortunately lose out to the brilliance of another BriskerGolfer.

For example, when three BriskerGolfers reach a green in (net) regulation shots, and the nearest one to the Pin makes a net birdie, by single putting, there is every incentive in the second golfer putting, if the rule is simply the Ultimate Net Birdie wins.

The first net birdie was the Ultimate Net Birdie until the second net birdie was made!

At that point the second net birdie became the Ultimate Net Birdieand the first net birdie became the @Losing-Net-Birdie.

However the BriskerGolf  Ultimate Net Birdie rule encourages an attacking birdie attempt from the third BriskerGolfer, who has had to endure a barrage of birdies at the Hole, but still has a chance to make a birdie himself/herself, and is almost inevitably further away from the pin than either of the birdie successes already made, by virtue of the BG @Green-Side-Etiquette rule (the reverse of the standard @Green-Side honour system).

Again, by the Ultimate Net Birdie rule:

A third net birdie at a Hole TRUMPS the other two net birdies, and becomes the @Ultimate-Net-Birdie.

Both the other Net Birdies now become @Losing-Net-Birdies.

And so on, for an improbable fourth net birdie at the Holeand a miraculous fifth net birdie at a hole, which would leave a devastating trail of @Losing-Net-Birdies, until you woke up from your golfing nightmare.

The much rarer @Ultimate-Net-Eagle rule operates in exactly the same way as the @Ultimate-Net-Eagle rule.

The author invites applications from BriskerGolfers to join the World’s most exclusive club: The Ultimate-Net-Albatross Club.

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