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B15: BriskerGolf. Recorded scores that are inappropriately high.

BriskerGolfer that records an inappropriately high gross score on a hole, as in the following examples, is guilty of practising on the coursebecause only net par scores or better are significant in BriskerGolf:

  • A very high handicap BriskerGolfer, in receipt of two shots at a particular Par 5 hole, takes a gross 9 at this hole, which resolves to a net 7 double bogey score.
  • An average handicap BriskerGolfer, in receipt of one shot at a particular Par 4 hole, takes a gross 6 at this hole, which resolves to a net 5 bogey score.
  • A low handicap BriskerGolfer, not in receipt of a shot at a particular Par 5 hole, takes a 6 at this hole, which equates to a net 6 bogey score.

In each of the above cases the BriskerGolfer has ignored the default Net Bogey rule, termed @Given-Net-Bogey (abbreviated to gimmie), and has chosen to Practise on the course, rather than pick up his/her ball and accept a gimmie (a Net Bogey), and receive a legitimate net bogey score (of BLANK).

The gross score of each BriskerGolfer must be recorded, whether it is a Concluded score or a Curtailed score.

In addition, punctuation should be added to the following examples of illegitimate Raw Gross scores, either concluded or curtailed, onto the Omniscorecard:

Par      Raw Gross Score   Shot Allowance at Hole      Punctuated Gross

4             6   concluded                                   1                                    [6]

3             4   curtailed                                     –                                     [4.]

5             7   concluded                                   –                                     [7]

4             8   curtailed                                   1                                     [8.]

3             5   curtailed                                     –                                    [5.]

5             8   concluded                                   1                                    [8]

In each of the above examples the Net Score translates to a Penalty score, or P18, and not a figure.

Errant BriskerGolfers must announce on the relevant successive tee (specifically on one Hole between 2 to 18) that they are playing ‘two off the tee’ in Penance for misguidedly practising on the course!

P18 by necessity is a different kind of Penalty. It is a disqualification from potentially benefitting from a Coin Bonanza in the event of a No Net Par tie occurring at the conclusion of the last Hole (usually the 18th Hole).

When using a BG App it is only necessary to record the Gross score on an Omniscorecard on a hole, and the inevitable Penalty symbol, or P18, as the Net score will be recorded automatically.

The BG App will also punctuate all Gross scores automatically as they are recorded, if necessary putting square brackets around inappropriate scores the moment they are recorded, as in the following examples, pertaining to Holes 1 to 17:

  • concluded scores [9], [8], and in certain circumstances, [7], [6], [5], [4] and [3]
  • curtailed scores [9.], [8.], [7.], and in certain circumstances, [6.], [5.], [4.] and [3.]

All gross scores in square brackets translate to a Net score of P, and a Penalty of ‘two-off-the-next-tee‘ to an errant BriskerGolfer, applicable after the conclusion of Holes 1 to 17.

The Penalty, P18, applicable after the conclusion of the 18th hole, is disqualification from benefitting from a tie on the 18th, (which is resolved by countback to the last previous winner of a hole, excluding those who are disqualified from benefitting).

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