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B11: BriskerGolf: Green-side, Tee-side, and the Regressed T-G Line. Leading to Brisker Golf

When Green-side hazards (sand or water) exist on a hole, then the division between Tee-side and Green-side regions on a golf hole, the T-G Line, is an imaginary line that skirts the front edge (the Tee-side edge) of a hazard that is adjacent, fully, or in part, to the front of a green , and that travels the complete width of the hole, on manicured grass and rough, without encountering any other Green-side hazards (sand or water). This is called the Regressed T-G Line.

Tee-side in this instance is the region from the Tee to the Regressed T-G Line.

Green-side in this instance is the region from the Regressed T-G Line towards and including the green and its surrounding area, to the limits of the side and rear boundaries of the hole.

Note that pockets of @Tee-Side areas often exist within @Green-Side and are termed Invasive Tee-Side regions.

A ball in any @Tee-Side area may never be marked, and must be played before any @Green-Side ball regardless of its distance from the Pin.

Invasive Tee-Side regions are the following areas within @Green-Side:

  • Rough
  • Scrub
  • Bushes
  • Trees
  • Water Hazards

All the above Invasive Tee-Side lies may be freely re-placed (not dropped), at a location not nearer to the Pin, by virtue of the generous OOBLU* rules, [Out OBounds, Lost, Unplayable rules]

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