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B12: BriskerGolf: BG Green-Side Etiquette, leading to Brisker Golf!

BriskerGolf competitors are encouraged to play more briskly by the introduction of a new etiquette relating to the Green-Side* of each hole, which requires golfers to reverse standard etiquette.

(*As opposed to the Tee-Side of each hole)

When all contesting BriskerGolf balls are lying Green-Side then this signals the start of BG Green-Side Etiquette at a Hole.

This Etiquette is to be used in place of Standard Etiquette, as follows:

  • The honour to play* is deemed to be with the golfer whose ball is lying nearest the pin, irrespective of whether the ball is on or off the green, including a ball lying in a hazard (sand or water).

[*Exclusively the BriskerGolfer with this honour may opt to play last rather than first]

  • A golfer plays his/her ball to a conclusion (or curtailment) when it is his/her honour to play.
  • Play continues with the ball then deemed to be lying nearest to the pin, and so on.
  • Play on a hole is discontinued when no golfer can make a positive contribution to the scoring on the hole.
  • A golfer continuing his/her play on a discontinued hole, i.e. with no prospect of making a positive contribution to the hole, incurs a Penalty of two-off-the-tee at the start of the next hole for such practising on the course, and must therefore declare that he/she is playing ‘two off the tee‘ at the beginning of the next hole. (See also in BG Rule Eighteen: the default net Bogey score (gimmie) at a hole is designated as a BLANK on an Omniscorecard, equating to a net one shot over par.)
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